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Our team of experts assist clients from a wide range of backgrounds every day, from students with wages and interest, up to high net worth individuals with complex financial structures.

We focus on friendly, quality service to our clients. We cut out the jargon, and make annual US tax compliance a simple, and smooth process. Our team is made up of Federally Authorised Tax Practitioners (IRS Enrolled Agents), which ensures competency, expertise, and the ability to represent our clients before the IRS.


What is an FBAR? This is a very widely used Google search term, and something which leaves many US expatriates scratching their heads.

Who must file a US tax return?

It can come as a shock to many, to discover that US citizens need to file tax returns whilst living overseas. This is true, and it is something which has gradually become more and more noticeable to US citizens over the last few years.

About Us

US Global Tax Ltd is an expatriate tax practice, specialising in US tax compliance. Assisting thousands of US citizens over the years, our firm has become known for its expertise in the field of both Australian – US and NZ – US taxation.

Our Process

Read through our information and ready to get started? Fortunately, at US Global Tax, we’ve got a straight forward process to get the ball rolling.

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