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With a team of US tax specialists with more than 30 years of combined experience, US Global Tax are able to provide expert, considerate and effective US tax advice.

We believe there is no such thing as a silly question. We as a business are here for a reason, to help individuals and companies understand their US tax compliance better, and no question is considered too small or too straight forward.

When obtaining US tax advice, it is essential to understand not only the US tax system, but also the local tax system of the country you reside. Without understanding local taxation, it is almost impossible to provide accurate US tax advice.

Our team of US tax experts specialise in both US tax law, and how it intertwines with local taxation or entities. Whether it’s the implications of a PIE Account or the local taxation an IRA withdrawal, US Global Tax are able to help.


If you have questions that aren’t answered elsewhere, or are looking for any IRS or US Tax Updates for New Zealand, take a scroll through our news archive.

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Here in the US Global Tax Knowledge Centre, you’ll find links to a wealth of US tax information, including tax treaties, and previous news articles.

About Us

US Global Tax Ltd is an expatriate tax practice, specialising in US tax compliance. Assisting thousands of US citizens over the years, our firm has become known for its expertise in the field of both Australian – US and NZ – US taxation.


Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship?

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Read through our information and ready to get started? Fortunately, at US Global Tax, we’ve got a straight forward process to get the ball rolling.

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