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We provide a wide range of services not only for US citizens, but also businesses, trusts, or any individual with US-based income or investments.

As Federally Authorised Tax Practitioners, we are able to assist clients with all matters before the IRS.

United States citizens are subject to tax on their worldwide income, regardless of its source. For most, this usually requires a tax return to be filed to the US each year.

It is critical that this is prepared by a professional, using expert knowledge of both the US tax system and the local Australian or New Zealand tax system.

Our firm is client focused, meaning we aim to assist all clients regardless of their level of wealth, or complexity.

Our clients range from students with limited income, up to multi-national corporations and high net worth individuals. Our wealth of experience means we are able to assist with even the most complex of situations, and in a friendly, jargon-free manner.

Please see the menu to your left, outlining the different services we offer. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

401K and IRA

We are able to assist with the withdrawal of US-based pensions and retirement funds. Many individuals, both US and Non-US citizens frequently experience difficulties when the time comes to withdraw from a US-based retirement fund.

Assistance With Foreign Company Tax Filing Requirements

US Global tax is proud to offer helpful services to assist US taxpayers with stakes in New Zealand and Australian companies and trusts. If you’re a small business owner or have simply invested in a family trust to safeguard your financial assets, you may need to file additional forms with your USA income tax form.

Doing Business in the US

If you are living and working in Australia or New Zealand, doing business in the US can be a minefield of complex issues, not only for large, multinational corporations but also for small "mom and pop" investors. However, investing in US business interests can still be a very attractive opportunity, be it through rental properties, shares, or other business investments.

FBAR - FinCen Form 114

US Global Tax helps American citizens, residents, and various businesses meet their FBAR FinCen 114 filing requirements. Continue reading to learn more about the FBAR, or contact us today for the help you need.

Non-US Citizen Tax Return Assistance

Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship? At US Global Tax, we can assist in all non-resident tax issues pertaining to the US.

Still unsure if you need to file a US tax return?

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