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Are you a US citizen that has moved to New Zealand in the last four years? Are you aware of your ongoing tax obligations in both New Zealand and the USA? If not, then join us for a FREE seminar to discuss NZ and US tax issues! Taxation experts David Tzimenakis from US Global Tax and Julia Johnston from Saunders & Co Lawyers will be covering topics such as:

  • Transitional residence and how it can benefit new migrants
  • Taxation on remote working for those who have retained their US employment
  • 401k/IRA and whether now is a good time to withdraw your funds
  • 529 accounts, the use of college funds in NZ and taxability in NZ
  • An overview of the NZ FIF system
  • The benefits of tax consulting to ensure you have the best set up in New Zealand
  • How KiwiSaver is taxed in the US and NZ
  • NZ-based investments and how they are taxed in US and NZ
  • Implications of NZ-based entities
  • Ongoing NZ return prep
  • Ongoing US prep

Find out more about our tax experts:

David Tzimenakis

Manager of Client Services

As an IRS Enrolled Agent and Manager of Client Services at US Global Tax, David is known amongst expats for his friendly and knowledgeable assistance. David has been specialising in the US taxation industry for eight years, with extensive knowledge of US taxation and its application to US expats and people who want to conduct business with and in the USA. In addition, David is also an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, enabling US Global Tax to complete ITIN applications in house, and to verify a client’s identity for IRS purposes.

David believes that dealing with US taxation does not have to be a stressful affair, and ensures clients have a full understanding of their rights, obligations, and tax preparation to provide a smooth and easy to handle process.

Julia Johnston

Senior Associate

Leading the tax team at Saunders & Co, Julia has an extensive background in law, commerce, and accounting, providing her with a broad skill base and expertise. She has developed a passion for migrant tax issues, making her one of only a few specialist migrant tax lawyers in NZ. Currently assisting clients and their advisors with all of their tax advisory requirements, Julia spends a lot of time working with the Saunders & Co immigration team advising migrants on their tax obligations in the complex area of international tax.

She also specialises in relationship property, immigration, tax law, and commercial matters. Julia prides herself on working effectively to reach the best outcomes for her client, no matter the area of concern, while making the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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