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by David Tzimenakis · September 5th, 2021

Article – IRS Staffing Crunch Hits Refunds

News of the staffing crisis at the IRS is likely not a surprise to many, with processing and refund delays seemingly becoming worse year on year. Many of our New Zealand and Australian based clients are currently waiting up to 6 months for their returns to be processed, and unfortunately this isn’t going to get better any time soon.

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us global tax irs debt cancellation
by David Tzimenakis · August 22nd, 2021

Video – Debt Cancellation

One of the few financial benefits which our staff at US Global Tax, have seen an increase in during the pandemic, is debt cancellation. Whilst this has mainly been for businesses in the form of rent relief, it does occur commonly on an individual level also.

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us global tax refund
by David Tzimenakis · July 18th, 2021

Video – Advance Child Tax Credit

As part of the many benefits which have been provided by the IRS during the course of the pandemic, the latest is the Advance Child Tax Credit.

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US global Tax biden irs
by David Tzimenakis · July 4th, 2021

Article – Biden Tax Plan – Capital Gains

In our previous article, we focused on the potential tax changes to cryptocurrencies, proposed by US President Joe Biden. This week, we move our focus to the possible changes which may be made to capital gains tax.

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us tax update irs
by David Tzimenakis · June 20th, 2021

Article – IRS Tax Changes – Biden Tax Plan

Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was introduced and signed into law under the presidency of Donald Trump in 2017, minimal further changes have been made to the tax code.

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by David Tzimenakis · May 23rd, 2021

Video – Form 8938

Whilst the Report of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR) has become more widely known amongst US expats in recent years, lesser known is Form 8938.

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irs tax farming income us global tax
by David Tzimenakis · May 9th, 2021

Video – Schedule F and Farming Income

Amongst the many thousands of rules and regulations that the IRS requires US citizens to comply with, are a separate set of regulations and forms for those with income from farming.

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us global tax extension irs 7004 3520
by David Tzimenakis · March 14th, 2021

Trust Extension Deadline Today

Its been a busy week for us at US Global Tax. Here we are at the first deadline for the year, the 15th March foreign trust filing deadline (most corporate tax filings also are due today).

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