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Do you need to file a US tax return?

If you are a US citizen or green card holder and you have income, you likely need to file a tax return. US Global Tax can help,.

I have never filed before I’m looking for tax advice I’m looking for a new US tax specialist I’m looking for FBAR advice
Dave Porta
12. October, 2021.
For those looking to engage with US Global Tax, please read on. You will be happy that you did. I can't say enough about the people from the US Global Tax team. Every year I really appreciate all their help and effort and look forward to work together again every year! The US Global Tax team is always so professional, helpful and all around just a pleasure to work with. Always answering questions that come up and doing so quickly, succinctly and with clarity. The experiences created by the team through their workmanship elevates the brand of US Global Tax in more ways that I can describe and in more ways than money or marketing could ever accomplish. Thank you team for all your efforts, support, kindness and for carrying yourself and your work in such a phenomenal way. You are truly very much appreciated!
Kevin Depue
8. October, 2021.
These folks know what they're doing, highly recommend. :)
Lauren Peate
15. August, 2021.
The whole team at US Global Tax is fantastic – super responsive, super knowledgeable, and always on time with their work. Working with them went a long way towards demystifying the IRS processes and making tax season less stressful; I highly recommend them and their work.
Neil Fernandes
26. July, 2021.
The US tax system poses a ridiculous burden on US expats, even if you are not wealthy. Even when you think you can do it yourself there are always surprises ( e.g. Kiwisaver is a foreign trust). David and his team have been extraordinary in relieving me of this burden. They talked through all fiscal issues to ensure that the correct paperwork would be submitted , and provided a better than expected upfront quote for each of the possible forms. They filed our forms well ahead of schedule despite us being a particularly international family. A very streamlined trustworthy service . Addendum: One year later and still great service from David, April and the team. I highly recommend.
Toni Clark
12. July, 2021.
I had a great experience with the US Global Tax team. David eased all my anxieties in one morning, talking me through the complexities of my situation. They even referred me to another accountant to handle my NZ tax needs. The team kept me up to date every step of the way. I really appreciated the transparency throughout the process.
Daniela Alloro
5. June, 2021.
Absolutely great...highly qualified staff..always available to answer questions I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OUTFIT TO ANY EXPATS DEALING WITH US TAXES
Jane Mackay
1. June, 2021.
I am really grateful I chose US Global Tax to handle my final US tax returns and expatriation return. The advice and recommendations were given without fuss, hyperbole or fearmongering, and the service and communication have been outstanding from start to finish -- professional, courteous, patient, highly knowledgable, timely and accurate. I recommend David and his team without hesitation.
Christina S
1. April, 2021.
David & his team made filing my US expat taxes really easy and have always provided quick and easy to understand advice and instructions. They are also very fairly priced and I would recommend them to any of my friends. Thanks again!
Ian Wells
28. September, 2020.
I appreciated excellent communication, good results and professionalism to handle this unfortunately complex work.
Brad Wilson
28. April, 2020.
David and his team are incredibly professional, responsive, and make the process so seamless. Being my first year living abroad, I was unclear on how to handle both my US and foreign incomes. No complicated forms to fill out or lengthy questionnaires - David and Vivian eased any of my uncertainties and my taxes were done within a day. Highly recommend.

You’re in safe hands, here’s how we can help.

Learn more at our Knowledge Centre about You’re in safe hands, here’s how we can help.

You’re an individual

At US Global Tax Ltd., we are specialists in individual US Taxation. Most US citizens residing outside the United States have a tax filing requirement to the IRS, regardless of where in the world you may be situated.

You’re a company or trust

US Global tax is proud to offer helpful services to assist US taxpayers with stakes in New Zealand and Australian companies and trusts. If you’re a small business owner or have simply invested in a family trust to safeguard your financial assets, you may need to file additional forms with your USA income tax form. […]

You’re doing business in the USA

If you are living and working in Australia or New Zealand, doing business in the US can be a minefield of complex issues, not only for large, multinational corporations but also for small “mom and pop” investors. However, investing in US business interests can still be a very attractive opportunity, be it through rental properties, […]

You’re migrating to/from the USA

Moving abroad is difficult, but your taxes don’t have to be the reason why. Whether you’re a US citizen moving to New Zealand or a migrant moving to the US, count on US Global Tax for the expert tax advice you need. Our leading tax migration services will help you familiarise yourself with the tax […]

Non-Resident tax returns

Did you know that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship? We’re able to assist in all non-resident tax issues, related to the US. Whether this be obtaining a refund of withholding tax for a temporary US job, or tax owing […]

FBAR/Fincen 114

US Global Tax helps American citizens, residents, and various businesses meet their FBAR FinCen 114 filing requirements. Continue reading to learn more about the FBAR, or contact us today for the help you need. What is an FBAR?

September 19th, 2021

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September 5th, 2021

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August 22nd, 2021

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August 1st, 2021

US Investments – Tax Refunds Under Threat

July 18th, 2021

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Did you know that more than 4,000 people renounced their US citizenship in 2017? This is a figure which has been high for a number of years, and potentially could be attributed to the far-reaching impact of FATCA legislation.

You should know
If you need to file a US tax return, you should learn about FATCA and how it could affect you.

With pleasure I wish to share my 2020 US Federal tax return preparation experience with US Global Tax. It has been a wonderfully stress-free and yes (never thought I would ever say this) enjoyable experience. My sincere thanks to all of the staff involved and for the speedy completion of my return. I would like to specially mention Dave and April. Dave very capably guided me with advice and support right from our first contact through to the finalisation of the return process. My queries were handled with care and responses were usually received within an hour. You bring a warm and human touch to your work, Dave, which I noticed with sincere appreciation. A huge thank you to April who did an outstanding and very competent job with preparing my return. Her requests for information were very well organised and structured and my questions were answered in a thorough and speedy manner. Her knowledge of US tax matters and her keen attention to details and accuracy was very impressive. Thanks also to Lance for his personal welcome letter, which made me feel valued as a client. I am so looking forward to another enjoyable experience with the US Global Tax family next year! 31/05/2021

– Elmarie O.

I appreciated excellent communication, good results and professionalism to handle this unfortunately complex work.

– Ian Wells

David and his team are incredibly professional, responsive, and make the process so seamless. Being my first year living abroad, I was unclear on how to handle both my US and foreign incomes. No complicated forms to fill out or lengthy questionnaires - David and Vivian eased any of my uncertainties and my taxes were done within a day. Highly recommend.

– Brad Wilson

I have been a client of US Global Tax Limited for the last 2 years. I have found them to be very professional, knowledgeable , helpful and very supportive in getting me through to a very stressful and complicated exercise. I highly recommend them and feel they offer a wonderful service at very competitive prices.

– Eileen

I have been using US Global Tax Ltd for a little over a year. I enthusiastically give them FIVE STARS for being incredibly patient, answering every question in full detail, and being very friendly and 'human' on top of all that. They have helped transform a very worrying situation into a smooth and trouble-free process. Thoroughly recommended.

– John Cochrane

I did not know I needed to file tax returns to the USA and found out last year through an associate. I was extremely stressed and worried about this. I spoke with US Global Tax who were very reassuring, empathetic, and comforting. They took me through everything step by step, and got everything filed for me. I feel the biggest relief I have ever felt. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

– Marie Wilkins

I have been a customer of us global tax for 2 years, and they have asked me if I can do a review on google. I have found them to be very helpful and understanding. I have been very worried about my tax at times, and they have always been sympathetic. I highly recommend this service.

– Nadia Lushenko

Received some tax advice from these people. Was very pleased and impressed. Was a bit difficult over Skype but got what I needed.

– David McDonald

I have filed four years of tax returns with US Global Tax Ltd. All the returns have been completed in a timely and professional manner. The staff have always been available to answer my questions, and I have never had the feeling of being rushed. US Global Tax have often gone the extra mile to accommodate me.

– Frank Hummel

US Global Tax were excellent to work with. We had an difficult situation and they took time to talk us through the process, and find solutions. Very fast communication. Thanks! Recommended

– Bruce Cole-Baker

Moved from TX last year and they were very helpful in getting my return filed asap. Have had consultations on how to set up here, and now having my returns prepared again. Very happy with US global tax.

– Brian Carter

I had never filed any tax returns and didn't even know I had to file. I called US Global Tax, and they were amazing. Reassured me that I wasn't going to be in trouble, and got all my returns up to date and fixed. I'm so relieved and can highly recommend.

– Caroline Perry

I have used US Global tax for 2 years and have been impressed all through. The service is excellent, and always answer any questions I have. The tax return is always on time, and reasonable fees. Excellent service for US citizens.

– Gerald Palmer

I've had a consultation with this company about moving my IRA to NZ and the tax liability. I met with David Tzimenakis who has explained it fully. I am very satisfied, and relieved to understand what types of NZ investments I need to avoid.

– Ashlee M.

Professional and reliable. I highly recommend US Global Tax for the preparation and filing of your returns. They will go the extra mile to answer all your questions. And I personally had many! This year I was really pleased with David Tzimenakis' work.

– Gregory Heller

US Global Tax have been excellent service this year. I have had a complicated situation involving NZ inheritence and also a US trust. I was panicked and very stressed about the tax requirements. But the team have been amazing from start to finish. They have always reassured me, and given me advice throughout. 5 stars!

– Alice Perham

After using US Global tax for the last 3 years, I can say only good things about the service. It has consistently got better each year, very efficient and my tax return is always completed quickly. I have been working with Dave Tzimenakis this year, who's service is excellent. I highly recommend to any US citizen needing advice or help.

– Terry M

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Helped us with the tax issue we were facing and turned it into a positive result. Recommended!

– Dale Kensington

Used US Global Tax this year after moving from a American firm. I have been very impressed with the speed and friendliness of their service. Will continue to use, and will recommend to all who ask.

– Alan Schneider

Quick and easy service. First year with them but it has gone well

– Miriam Colberg

Called US Global tax this year when I realised my tax return was overdue. They filed an extension for me when I thought you couldn’t do it anymore. Made everything really simple and put it to me in a way I understand 10/10

– Tara Brough

US Global Tax have been a great help to me, and have provided excellent advice & service throughout my time working with them. Highly recommend!

– Joe Coles

I hadn't been sure for quite a while whether I needed to be filing US tax returns. I called US Global, and they were very friendly, and helpful with my situation. Their key contact person was patient, and explained the entire procedure to me. Got everything done very quickly, I'd recommend them to anyone needing US tax assistance.

– Peter Hales

I have been working with us global tax and have been happy with the service i recieve. They are always very friendly and have provided advice and tax returns for my family.

– Theresa Gregory

I have got advice from US Global Tax and I am very pleased with this service

– Chris Harper

Really moved quickly when I had a major deadline. Awesome service.

– Kingi Gilbert

Instant response and no nonsense communication. US Global Tax get it done.

– Simon Hamid

I am pleased with the service I received

– Nancy S

Needed advice on bringing my IRA to NZ. They gave really clear advice and also discovered my returns had been wrong for a while and filed amended for me

– Jamie Sandon

Fast and professional help, highly recommend.

– Will Wallace
by David Tzimenakis · September 5th, 2021

Article – IRS Staffing Crunch Hits Refunds

News of the staffing crisis at the IRS is likely not a surprise to many, with processing and refund delays seemingly becoming worse year on year. Many of our New Zealand and Australian based clients are currently waiting up to 6 months for their returns to be processed, and unfortunately this isn’t going to get better any time soon.

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us global tax irs debt cancellation
by David Tzimenakis · August 22nd, 2021

Video – Debt Cancellation

One of the few financial benefits which our staff at US Global Tax, have seen an increase in during the pandemic, is debt cancellation. Whilst this has mainly been for businesses in the form of rent relief, it does occur commonly on an individual level also.

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